you may get original plates in california for your collector car

Reassignment of Old Plates to a Collector Vehicle

New Policy

Old California plates (regular series) may be re-assigned to a collector vehicle, even if
the vehicle has a database record under a different license plate, when all of the
following conditions are met:
• Evidence is submitted to show that the old plates were once registered (assigned)
to the collector vehicle in California (see new requirements below).
• The old plate number is not on record or reserved as a special interest plate in the
Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) database.
• The old plate’s combination of letters and numbers do not carry any connotations
offensive to good taste and decency.
• The owner (collector) has both the front and rear old plates for an automobile or
commercial vehicle or the single old plate for a motorcycle or trailer.

New Requirements

To put old, regular series California plates back on the collector vehicle, the original or
a photocopy of the California title, registration card, or renewal notice must be
submitted to the DMV to show that the plates were once registered to the vehicle (a
copy may only be used as proof the plates were registered to the vehicle; a copy cannot
be used for any other DMV purpose).

To have the old, regular series California plates re-assigned to the vehicle submit:
• The proof that the plates were once registered to the vehicle (as noted above).
• A Statement of Facts (REG 256) from the vehicle owner stating in section G and
signing in section H to certify:
— The old plate number to be assigned to the vehicle.
— The old plates will not be affixed to the vehicle unless DMV sends approval.
— The plates currently on the vehicle will be surrendered to DMV if the old
plates are approved.
— Their daytime telephone number so the DMV can call if they have a question.
• There is no fee to reregister the old plates; however, any other fees or renewal
fees due within the next 75 days must be paid.
• All the required original documents for the application (transfer, nonresident, etc.)
in addition to old plate application requirements.