buying on craigslist…..#runtheVIN

keep the car dealer honest #runtheVIN before you shop the car always look for verified clean title check each car for $ 10. +++ +++ +++

OFAC compliance IS the terrorist watch list

OFAC Compliance in the Auto Industry: Is Your Dealership Prepared? Check prospective buyers against the SDN list to ensure full OFAC compliance.   If someone were to ask you what you think is most important when owning an auto dealership, what would you say? Building a solid, effective sales team? An impressive, well-priced inventory? Great …

how to order dmv forms for used car dealer paperwork

+++++ · Label a thick 3 ring binder as your dealer book. This book will hold for all updates sent by the DMV, all ROS forms you might have to void & your broker log. +++++· For registration forms: How to Order Forms in Bulk Quantities Requests must be submitted on business letterhead. The request …

santa rosa car dealer school attorney

knock on wood we hope you never need an attorney car dealer education 800-901-5950 +++ +++ Law Office of Heather D. Rozzo, Esq. 264 Clovis Avenue, Suite 213 Clovis, CA 93612 (559) 322-3365

the low cost alternative to carfax

+++++ Enter a VIN for the carfax alternative: