Auction Access SCAM Retail Sales

Auction access has nothing to do with the retail sale of vehicles.

Auction access gives you the right to bid and buy vehicles
at the auctions where the dealer has registered as a dealer.

If you use this access and purchase a vehicle at auction,
you DO NOT own it. You have to pay for it but the title and sales receipt will be in the name of the dealer that gave you permission to access,
bid and purchase at the auction.

The dealer from another who has given you auction access does NOT have the right to sell cars located and sold in your state. They own the car.
You do not. The dealer is not licensed to sell cars in your state.

You as an individual would be violating the laws in your state because you are selling without a license. Licenses STOP at state lines.

Selling a vehicle at Retail in California requires a Retail Used Car Dealer License from the California DMV.